Albox’ed Up

Last weekend I finally got around to something I should have done a long time ago. I channelled my inner Walter Mitty (Negative Asset Manager), put on some white gloves and organised my film library. It took a couple of days but was well worth it. I had been looking around for suitable products to archive my film for some time and only recently came across a local company called Albox. They offer a variety of solutions using Polypropylene. Their film sleeves are really good and even my local lab is using them. Transferring all of my film over to these made me realise how sloppy my previous pro labs had been. I also made my own labels from strips of coloured card (different colours for different film types) and hand wrote the sheet names (ie 120V50R13 is the thirteenth roll of Velvia 50 in 120 format that I have shot). The folder is pretty good and comes with its own sleeve, however it’s not dust proof so you’ll need a box for it and others once you fill them. All of my CD’s with scans and digital back ups didn’t escape the treatment either. Some great products I can definitely recommend.

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