More Articles

With the impending new year almost in motion I’ve found the time to pencil a couple more articles. They are of a more technical note covering the importance of aperture and focal length.

New Toy

With only a 35mm and and 75mm for my Pentax 645NII this 80-160mm should cover all manner of necessity when it comes to those longer shots. A thoughtful present from my late grandfather. With a fridge full of Velvia 50 (120) this lens will certainly be well used in the coming year.

New Article on Film Types

Ever wondered what the basic differences between films such as colour negative and reversal were? Well, here is a brief article that sorts it all out.

First roll of black and white film!

Today my first roll of black and white came back. Having never shot it before all 16 frames were pleasantly well exposed. All were taken outside using an 85B warming filter. With 3 rolls of Ilford Pan F 50 on their way, there will be plenty of time to practice.

3 Weeks in the Territory

The use of an ultra-wide angle lens captures just how entangled this rock and tree really are! Spending 3 weeks in the Northern Territory was a great way to see a rich subtropical landscape that is teeming with life.

50 Speed Films

Wondering what film to use? Well, after trying various Kodak and Fujifilm reversal emulsions, it seems the slower the better! Velvia 50 has always been the benchmark for fine grain vivid results though I’d stay away from portraits with it. This is where Ilford’s Pan F Plus 50 comes into play. The fantastic tonal reproduction and fine grain allow for both portrait work and the capture of dramatic low lit landscapes.

Blast from the Past

I have been lucky enough to have just been given this original MPP Mircocord, a twin lens medium format film camera. This was my dads very first camera. Whilst in need of a little work to free up the shutter, I will endevour to have it fixed so it can once again produce 6×6 slides.

Tribute to Galen Rowell

Inspired by an iconic image of photographer Galen Rowell, I couldn’t resist capturing this cloud as the sun set on the Blue Mountains. Galen proved time and time again that all you really need is a 35mm camera and a backpack to capture the wilderness.

Picture of the Week

A candid shot of an otherwise unassuming brick wall but in the right light as the sun came out from behind the clouds, colour is everything!

The Blue Mountains

Having just got hold of a Nikon F5 after many years of being tempted, here a few pictures from a weekend trip to Katoomba and surrounds.