My Nikonos V, after a quick test roll with some paint cards in a plastic box, some fresh O-rings and a new strap, is ready to go under! I’ll be putting Velvia 100 through it in Fiji with a roll of Velvia 50 as back up. Stay tuned! If you’re wondering what the image on the far right is, that’s the view through the DF-11 finder for the 15mm in air (underwater use only).


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New Adventure

As the title and picture suggests, I have decided to explore a very different world of photography. The underwater world of Nikonos. This Nikonos V and 15mm f2.8 are the best dedicated underwater (non-SLR) film camera option that was produced by Nikon. It is however, very different from what I am used to above the waves. The camera is a well sealed bullet-proof little rangefinder that has rightly stood out as an excellent product until being discontinued in 2001. It behaves just like a normal camera from 1984 with one big exception, the lens mount. It is not a normal F mount and doesn’t lock into place. Instead it has 2 detents and relies on a good O-ring seal. This means any major movement or disturbance underwater could turn that ‘loving feeling’ into that ‘sinking feeling’ in the space of a few air bubbles. With plenty to learn and a ticket to Fiji I’ll be keen to see what this can produce on Velvia 100.

Nikon Advertising

Some more old Nikon adverts from 1981, enjoy!

Flinders Ranges

Another quick trip to the Flinders Ranges. As it was only 3 degrees overnight, limited time was spent gazing at the stars as spectacular as they were (a good pair of binoculars can resolve an incredible amount of detail the un-aided eye can’t see!). A few nice images here and there with a cold sunrise over Wilpena Pound. The F5 (in-hand) also came out of its case. More to follow…

Wharariki Sunrise Framed

Hot off the press, “Wharariki Sunrise” print number 001 of 200 (30x40cm print with a 40x50cm matt) is back from being framed and looks stunning! $290 and it could be on your wall!

National Geographic

Nothing beats finding a great old Nation Geographic mag in a second hand bookstore to read with an afternoon coffee on the weekend. Passing through Quorn on my way back to the Flinders this weekend I came across this gem from 1992. The inside cover also reminded me that Nikon once knew how to market their gear with clever adverts unlike the new “I Am” campaign. I have a large collection of these magazines for two main reasons. Firstly, they are fantastic moments in time to look back on what was happening in the world and secondly, they are a good source of photographic inspiration.

Nippon Kogaku Klub

I stumbled across this website as a fantastic source of unique Nikon information, especially rare models! Nippon Kogaku Klub.

Partial Solar Eclipse – April 29th

If you thought it was a little dark this afternoon there was a very good reason! The first partial solar eclipse for 2014 was visible throughout southern parts of Australia and Antarctica. I quickly snapped this image with the Nikon Df and a 200mm f4 AI-S (with a 2x converter) and a very handy ND400 filter. For all past, present and upcoming celestial events use this handy link!

The Nikon F6

The Nikon F6 was Nikon’s last revival of their professional film camera line in 2004. A refinement of everything they had learnt over the years with the much needed CLS compatibility. The methodology behind it is very different from the F5 (made for the press) and by all means worth every little penny that you spend on it. American photographer John Crane has dedicated a lot of his time to this camera, producing some stunning images as a result. His website Nikon F6 Project is well worth a visit and hopefully if nothing else will encourage you to shoot some film.