First Impressions

Here’s the first contact sheet from my Fuji GW690III. I used Kodak Tmax 100 film to test out the camera in various settings and lighting. Firstly, I’m quite happy with the results, all of which were metered with my iPhone (Pocket Light Meter app). They are sharp and contrasty as expected. Secondly, I really just can’t wait to put some proper film though (Velvia!). As for the camera, here’s my thoughts. The 90mm is a good focal length though I keep looking at the 65mm option. I wouldn’t shoot below f8 or 1/60s hand held. Yes there’s a lot of plastic but this is forgiven by technical image quality. The ‘T’ mode is not forgiven as you need to touch the camera to close the shutter. This renders anything in the 1-10s range as risky and not worth it. Fortunately most of my sunset shots are 20-30s minimum to blur the water just right. The bubble level is useful. Film loading is very easy. The only saving grace of the built in hood is the ability to fit a 67-77mm step up ring inside (must have a 67mm filter on first though). Shutter sound is not that bad either, especially as you know what your light table will soon look like. That’s about it for now, stay tuned to see what I can do with a roll of Fujifilm Velvia 50 and this beast over the holidays.

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