Keeping it black and white, or trying to

Well it’s been a while since my last post due to work/travel so here is a bit of an update. We’re now more than halfway through 2016, my year of shooting only black and white film or at least that was my resolution. Have I stayed true to that commitment? Not quite, but when there’s a chance to shoot some Kodak Aerochrome (I actually have some more tucked away!), I couldn’t say no. That aside, I have just finished a roll of Ilford SFX 200 and Kodak 400TX. With a good stock of Tmax 400 and Tri-X 400 in the fridge, I’m happy that I can say 2016 will be ‘mostly’ shot in black an white. It has certainly allowed me concentrate questions like what makes an good image, should I go for contrast or tone and what do I actually want in an image? It’s relatively easy for me to head into the city (Adelaide) and look for some street photos, old buildings, silhouettes and shadows etc. However, my real passion is minimal landscapes and the adventure that goes with them. I’d love to spend every other weekend exploring the Flinders Ranges but that’s probably not going to happen. I’m still making good use of my Nikon F5 and also managed to use one of the Ilford Single Use cameras (HP5+ film through a fixed plastic lens). Not bad if you need something cheap and in a hurry but I’d rather something optically better (like a Nikon 35Ti). The small little camera did fit in my pocket which I will say was refreshing!

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