Kodak Aerochrome

I became aware of Kodak Aerochrome a couple of years ago when reading up on aerial imaging and spy satellites. However it was only recently that I stumbled across the last few rolls of 120 (re-rolled from the aerial format) being offered for sale. After much debate I bit the bullet and bought a roll for about 100USD. Now this is a lot of money for 8 6×9 shots but seeing as Kodak have been discontinuing the good stuff for a while now (Kodachrome and E100VS) I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity. Am I glad I did! The 8 shots weren’t iconic or ground breaking but they gave a whole new perspective on places I have shot before (Flinders Ranges). I also made sure that some of the images were aerial ones as a bit of a tribute. I really wish I had bought more of this stuff before it was discontinued. It’s certainly a real treat to look at on the light table and be mesmerised by the red/pink/purple hues that are given off by vegetation. I’m actually tempted to get another roll it’s that good. I may also pen something more substantial down as a review/article on this incredibly unique film. Stay tuned.

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