New 50mm

I recently grabbed another 50mm Nikkor to add to the two that I already have (f1.4 AI-S and AF-D). This is the f1.8G Special Edition that normally comes with the Df and styled to match the AI and AI-S lenses that made Nikon famous. A cheap investment as I have a soft spot for ‘normal lenses’ despite my love of ultra wide angles. Firstly, it looks great, feels great and handles great on both my Df and F5. However, there’s no point putting this on the F4 or anything older as it’s gelded. You’ll also need a new 58mm filter because Nikon stopped thinking of you a few years ago when it started giving every lens a different filter size. Too bad for your set of 52mm and 77mm filters for real lenses. The hood now snaps on which is convenient but it’s covered with text telling you it’s Nikon’s finest plastic from China. Despite my ramblings this is a very nice piece of glass that is currently welded to my F5 for an entire roll of Ektar 100 and images that aren’t sunsets (personal street photography challenge). Which brings me to my next thought, I’ve been seriously looking at the Nikkor 58mm f1.4G. Yes it’s priced astronomically, covered in plastic and has a 72mm filter thread but this doesn’t seem to bother me that much for what you get optically. Some of the most iconic images have been made with 50mm lenses. It is however, easy to compare the 50mm f1.2 AI-S (52mm filter on a f1.2!) and 85mm f1.4D as absolute bargains in comparison. Yet I’m not as compelled by them. Could this be NAS and Nikon’s marketing genius playing tricks? I could of course go and get another Fuji 6×9 to which all the above becomes mute..

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