Real Estate

Real estate is king and I have long wanted one of these Fujifilm 6×9 cameras. They are the largest and most portable ‘normal’ format when it comes to 120 film (612/617 is the next step). The 6×9 negative is double what I am used to with the Pentax 645NII and will give 8 beautiful frames per roll. They have no light meter and are thus completely manual. The GW690III is certainly a little plastic in its feel (the lens is not) but this is just the coverings. From this it’s quite easy to see why many second hand ones are not pretty. The lens hood is often a subject of much debate. Personally it’s not a great idea but as a 77mm filter just fits (67-77mm step up required) all is okay. I have a few very specific shots in mind for this camera. Mainly long exposures and star trails that I plan to capture next year out at Lake Eyre and the Flinders Ranges. For now though, it’s time to practice with a rangefinder and without a light meter. Stay tuned!

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