Looking Back and Forward

Reflecting on what has been a busy year all round, 2015, photographically speaking, was a good one. It started with a trip out to Lake Eyre, a place of harsh yet fascinating beauty. There is something deeply alluring about the endless horizon of salt and sky. Although, it is a mere entre to the billions of stars that reveal themselves after dark. I’ll be back.
I then bit the bullet and sold most of my 645 setup to purchase the Nikon 58mm f1.4G with the crazy idea that I should try my hand at street photography (and I don’t mean pictures of those less fortunate that many pass off as street photography. I mean the relentless pursuit of decisive moments in between the light and the shadows). Turns out this was probably the best move I could have made. Wandering around the streets of Adelaide has taught me more about making good images than any landscape trip (since Nepal). It’s a theme I’ll continue in 2016 along with my desire to shoot only black and white film (above water).
The other highlight of 2015 was the chance to use one of the last rolls of Kodak Aerochrome (false colour infrared film). I really wish I have come across this emulsion earlier as I fell in love with the results immediately. So much so that I bought another roll just before it ran out (in the camera as I write this).
So what does a monochromatic 2016 look like? Challenging and hopefully just as rewarding. The Nikonos shall definitely see some more use along with some much needed business growth. Whilst the fun part of photography is exploring and capturing moments, printing and selling goes a long way!

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