Preserving the Past

As the title suggests, I’ve made a start on preserving my Dad’s entire film collection. Daunting to most, it’s an absolute must if you wish to retain those family memories. Unfortunately, most peoples film experience was cheap 35mm Kodak Gold and 1hr processing at the local chemist. This means silly 4 frame strips of film and adhesive tape between rolls which, if not removed, can leave a sticky residue. About 80 rolls of film later and some wonderful archiving products from a local Adelaide company Albox, I’ve managed to sleeve everything over the course of 3 or 4 evenings. Far from finished, this has at least saved the negatives which were stored together and allowed me to get a feel for the extent of the project. It’s also re-affirmed the importance of doing this and lack of care taken by old hourly processing labs (finding a good pro lab is a must! I’m lucky to have Atkins Pro Lab around the corner). For the keen eyed, you may also notice some single perf film as well as the standard 35mm. So what’s next? Well there’s a box of 6×6 Ektachrome slides to sort and sleeve and then its time to buy a scanner. This is where the time consuming part really starts! It will take a long time to digitise all of this but, when it’s done, the smile on my parents (and brothers) faces will be worth every penny.

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