With a new Epson V800 scanner beside me, I’m now able to show you my first attempt at Solargraphy (imaging the sun’s path). A few months ago I designed and 3D printed a pinhole camera to fit some Ilford Photo Paper (3.5×5.5in). Having made a couple of unsuccessful trial images (the images were okay but didn’t capture the sun..) I pointed the camera West for a few days to make the image you see here. The process is quite unique in that the paper is not exposed/developed like a traditional print. A negative image is burnt into the paper over time (anything from a day to 6 months). Once retrieved it is then fixed (optional) and scanned to produce a positive result. The really unique aspect of this process is that it also captures the percentage of sunlight seen in a location over a given time. I hope to make a few more images during 2017.

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