Travelling Light(ish)

I often travel with 2-3 cameras and as many lenses. Not a lot by professional standards but it is enough to occasionally get in the way of creativity. This is amplified when using different formats and mediums. For example, I will carry my Nikon Df (digital) plus a Nikon 35mm body (F3/4/5) and if I want some large negatives the Fuji GW690III will also be packed. This means juggling each camera, sometimes for a specific image or simply to record an image on each medium. This is hardly practical when the light is brief, the weather is changing and only one tripod is available. I find the problem is further complicated when using different film speeds between 135/120. The solution is simple, just take one camera. But that’s not always going to work for me. However, there are ways to make things easier. Shooting the same film or same ISO/ASA really helps. Fujifilm Velvia 100 and Acros 100 in a couple of Nikon F3’s with lenses to share would give you everything you need. The GW690III is for special images, leave it in the bag unless you need it. Don’t just take a picture on every format available.

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