(Image courtesy of The Tintype Traveller)

Photography has always been a long standing passion of mine, even from my first cheap Hanimex camera (of which I no longer have but will eventually find) right up to my professional Nikon 35mm and Fuji 6×9 outfits. The medium of film retains a special quality that is worth preserving for as long as possible, as well as the cameras that were designed for it. This is one of the reasons behind this website, to showcase just what film can still do and has always done.

Most of what I capture on film are landscapes, both natural and industrial. These will often involve chasing the fleeting light to get those warm golden colours, often only available for a few seconds. I have found the best time to shoot is an either sunrise/sunset or in bad weather where a cloudy sky can become one large softbox. Don’t believe me? Try it! But remember, its all about capturing a moment in time, so don’t forget to look around and enjoy it.

All images are my own work and as such are the property of Candela Productions. As the images in the film gallery have been captured on film, their authenticity lies in the original analogue slides. The rest of the images on this site are a mix of digital and film. Please do not reproduce any of the works contained here in, in whole or in part without my permission to do so.

Gareth Buckett