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Professional Film

Professional Labs [E6 and B&W]
As there are a dwindling number of professional photo laboratories that sell and process slide/reversal film and black and white film, I though it important to list them. The following places I have either used personally or come highly recommended. Note, there are still many places that develop, print and scan your normal C41 colour print film.

Atkins Technicolour

Churchill Colour Laboratories
Fitzgerald Photo Imaging

Michaels Camera Video Digital

Pro-Am Colour Laboratories

Vision Graphics

Good Camera Stores
Whilst we now don’t actually have to leave our houses thanks to the internet, theres nothing like a good camera store with professional service and loads of second hand gear to tempt.

Camera Electronic

Photographic Inspiration
Ideas and inspirations for making photographs can come from just about anywhere. Walking down the street, taking a drive or listening to music all stimulate our senses in various ways. However, it is often our perception of other artists works and the way they see the world that can drive our own creative process. Here I have listed a few photographers that I look to for inspiration.
Galen Rowell
Tony Rowell
Frans Lanting
Ben Horne
Bruce Percy
Jay Maisel
Joe Mcnally
Steve McCurry
Oleg Novikov
Paul Kowalski
Murray Fredericks

The Really Important Stuff (otherwise we’ll have nothing to photograph)
An Inconvenient Truth
Extreme Ice Survey
Project ORCA
Australian Wildlife Conservancy

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