Techniques and Tips
I have written the following articles as a guide to taking better pictures. Despite having an engineering background I have not made them overly technical as there are many resources out there than can explain the finer details much better than what I can. I simply want to give you some basic ideas and concepts to think about the next time you look through the lens. This way, by practice you’ll begin to know what to look for in an image before you even release the shutter.

Black and White
Focal Length
Neutral Density Filters Under Construction
Less For More
Prime Lenses
The Right Light

Reviews and Articles
The following pages contain specific reviews, general photography articles and any other random post that won’t fit in the blog.

Camera Grips
Contact Sheets
Film Explained
Film Formats
Nikon In Space

Technical Information
The glossy spiel and sales pitch.

Nikon Brochures

More Coming Soon…