Nikon Acquisition Syndrome

Having just acquired an F5 after many years of holding back, I am suddenly presented with a new problem, lenses. All of my full frame Nikkors are manual focus, designed for the F3 and FE. It’s not a big deal as the F5 preserves their functionality with the addition of electronic focus aid. However, the 3D colour matrix meter, lightning quick auto focus and the P and S modes go unused as I trawl through various Nikkor catalogues. This got me thinking, either I must obviously need more lenses or it’s the perfect marketing ploy by Nikon. I suspect the latter as the quantity of gear never influences a great picture or determines a great photographer. But as I look at my F3 with all its extras I realise it was just the same back then. The F3 is the ultimate systems camera, completely modular and adaptable with its interchangeable finders, focus screens, film backs and motor drive.

(Image courtesy of Nikon)