Benro PP1 and Quad Lock

When travelling somewhere to create a particular landscape image, it’s often nice to capture a few moments on the side. Usually just back of the film camera/viewfinder snaps with my iPhone. However, I’ve only got one large tripod for serious work and lugging two of them around brings its own challenges. I’d been looking for a small travel tripod for a while and eventually stumbled upon the Benro PP1 as a small and fairly inconspicuous pocket pod. I bit the bullet and grabbed one and I’m certainly glad I did! While it has little to do with my film work, I can now set this up on the side and grab a time-lapse or video. Or if I’m desperate and need a slow shutter speed for one of my smaller cameras it can do that without too much hassle either. Heck, it can also hold a flash or video light if you really need it to. There’s a lot of little travel pods out there on the market but I have to say, for price and build this one stands out for me. Coupled with the Quad Lock photo attachment, it’s a great little combination that now lives in the front of my camera bag!

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