Photography Podcasts

I’ve never really taken to podcasts or talkback radio as I have always preferred to listen to music. That is, until now! As I found myself getting back into photography, I stumbled across the unused podcast app on my iPhone and started listening to Light Minded by Christian Fletcher & Carwyn. Being a Perth boy it was quite refreshing to hear Christian talking about the South West of WA as I have always been a big fan of his work and that part of the world. Their unscripted/unplanned format, impressive guest list and endless humour make it a really easy but engaging podcast to listen to. I have learnt a lot in only a few weeks. Its also been much needed after taking time off from the craft. The other podcast I have been avidly working my way through is the Atkins Labcast, my local pro-lab here in Adelaide. I love these guys and really can’t say enough good things about them. I could listen to Paul for hours talking about photography, boats, land rovers… And of course Kate just rolls in like a storm of wit, humour and blunt applaud to create a perfect balance. So, get streaming!

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